Queen Guan Min (an East Asian bodhisattva commonly known as Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy) is on her thousand-petal lotus throne, surrounded by sixteen kind constellations. With authority, she stands on the world’s axis and turns it, clockwise, towards becoming kinder.

O, exceeding mercy! How it is needed by those dying in hospices and the seven billion who are starving and suffering, and reach out! Thus, those born of earth yearn all the more for the Honoured Mother…

O, the bliss of Guan Min! O, her extreme kindness, accepted as the ideal!

Her one and a half thousand other names take second place. The one which remains is the Mother who is Limitless Kindness. She is so generous that she gives herself to the very last. You only need to glance at her and she will pour herself into the depths of the underworld, filling voids, the vacuums of black holes, caves inhabited by vampires and ghosts, of which, alas, there are many in decrepit mankind…

There is extreme evil within humanity: endless wars, atomic warheads, hatred, persecution, falsehood, oppression, and so on… Mankind is infinitely evil. Venomous reptiles and wild, bloodthirsty beasts are not capable of such cruelty and evil…

The need for the Mother who is Exceeding Kindness has never been so great!

The kinder a person is, the more he gives. Guan Min, the Kindest of the kind, gives her breath and her blood to the very last drop. We have the right to expect exceeding charismas and gifts for increasing kindness from our Honoured Mother!

Unlike anyone else, Guan Min can easily enter into every person who truly calls for her, follows her, carries her cross and purifies himself.

Today she exudes the extreme kindness of two hundred million holy martyrs to love.

Her scope is not limited to the confines of Earth. It covers the sixteen kind constellations where there is no evil, and beyond them there are sixteen million more civilizations, parallel to our own, in other dimensions… This is limitless kindness which cannot be contained!

Such are the gates which Guan Min opens! How the world needs her kindness!

О Guan Min,

greatest of all sacred beings,

and kindest of divine queens!

The Buddha’s handbell of awakening –


It is believed that Guan Min was made incarnate on earth no less than seven thousand times in our civilization alone. She has accepted so many souls, shared so much passion, and shown so much mercy to every one of them!

Today, Guan Min is the sum total of other-worldly, limitless misericordia. She gives us her abundant mercy, the sum of all the compassion she has accumulated, so that, like her, we may become compassionate and merciful.

Without courageously carrying the cross, it is not possible to express compassion and patience. It is necessary to accept blows humbly and, in response to the provocation of evil, we must respond with the wisdom of kindness. This requires great patience and earning the cross. This is why we came into the world.

It is important to penetrate the infinitely merciful, compassionate attitude towards mankind, and the limitless love of Guan Min. She is even greater than the Divine Mother and wants to enter into us, transubstantiating with her whole being.

Guan Min is perpetually kind. Her kindness has a dual nature: (1) it is void of evil, and (2) it gives to the very last. Remember the story of Miao Shan. She did not regret giving both her eyes and both hands to save her cruel father, the Chinese Emperor, who had condemned her to death several times and personally beat her half dead…

Becoming kinder truly makes us gods and brothers of the christs and buddhas. Becoming more evil, on the contrary, makes us a different kind of younger brother to the different kind of leviathans and boas which swarm within modern, ritualistic temples.

Guan Min has come entirely from the solar civilizations of pure love, pure kindness, pure wisdom, and absolute purity.

Marvellous worlds and spheres of Guan Min do exist, where there is no connection whatsoever with evil, darkness, death, fear, usurpation, Mammon, egoism, materialism, rationalism, magic, sin or lust (you may add thousands more chimeras). Messengers come from these spheres, where there is no place for chimeras.

The great catharsis is needed today – it consists of a thousand steps and thousands of recipes for purification, in order to break up depraved hybrids and coincidental ties. There is a need for new heroes, bringing with them spiritual wealth: the new architects and builders of a new universe.

Guan Min, the Divine Mother, has no contact whatsoever with evil!!! She is a absolutely pure, kind, and a spiritual conqueror! She is not susceptible to amalgamation and grants lasting immunity against evil and sin. Her compositions, which are divinely maternal and nourishing, are imperishable.

Guan Min is the token of bodhisattvism. Beneath her solar gaze the prisoner of the dark, earthly cave, with the flying reptiles of mundane thoughts, is awakened and leaves his hypnotic, dreamy state. The whole person is rendered sober, enlightened and joyous!

The eight stages on the way of Guan Min

The eight stages on the way of Buddha are well known. I am referring to the stages of the eightfold way of Guan Min. Buddha himself supposed this to be supreme.

1. The bell. Guan Min awakens people from an extreme, age-long slumber. She understands the soporiphic state in which her children find themselves and says, “Open your eyes!”

2. The jug. Having woken her children, she takes them to her maternal breast and nourishes them with the healing milk of wisdom, i.e. the enlightenment of the mind and the opening of the heart.

3. The scrolls. When the child matures, Guan Min generously gives of the treasury of wisdom, honouring a person with the supreme mysteries, thereby completing his bodhisattvan modelling.

4. The lotus flower. The mind has been made wise and the soul is ready to reject the world in fullness, taking the eternal vows, so Guan Min presents the fragrant flower of immortality and immaculate conception. Young bodhisattvas on their oceanic lotus thrones are born from on high and live for eternity – they are no longer humans, but semi-gods. Splendid!

5. The golden keys. In ancient times these were called the ‘keys of Dao’ – the keys of victory over world evil, lust, sin and death. These are the unprecedented great keys of wisdom.

6. The way. By presenting the golden keys of Dao – eternal virginity, the lighting of the candle flame within the heart, reading the psalter of Euphrosinia, and acquiring the holy spirit – Guan Min sends a person on his way, with her blessing, in order to conquer and be crowned. Next, having begun to dwell within her disciple, she herself acts through him. Her minor bodhisattva, gradually increasing by carrying the cross, becomes greater, and eventually a great bodhisattva.

7. Protection. Guan Min knows how difficult it is to establish good in the midst of evil, to be victorious in fierce battles, and to stand alone in the open against a hundred thousand. Fates and destinies are opened up before her and therefore she persistently reaches out to bestow her protection.

8. The Heavenly bosom means the highest beatitudes. A hundred-thousand-year period of repeated embodiment of bodhisattvas draws to a close, circumstances are fulfilled, and the soul is returned to the Heavenly bosom, into the seventh heaven. Guan Min crowns us with the ineffable beatitudes of beatitudes.

One person wakes up, then two, then three, then ten and a hundred… The little bell becomes a big one in a great belfry. It is the triumphal arch of divine humanity! The civilization of the bodhisattvas!

Guan Min moves us from the rotten planetary egg to the solar chariot, and touches each of us with her sceptre: those who are asleep she touches with the sceptre of awakening, and those who are awake, she touches with the sceptre of enlightenment. Our inner being is transformed and begins to rejoice with the music of the universum which resounds in thousands of worlds simultaneously.

The age of buddhas and bodhisattvas is coming – it is the age of the divine humans!

Enter into a dialogue with Guan Min. See how her kindness shines upon you! Become her vessel – a kind, light-bearing, light-bringing, light-holding like Her. Become an apostle of Guan Min! See mankind through the eyes of the Kindest of Mothers.

Authentic Buddhism is about being born from on high, a new, divine modelling by the heavenly Architect Guan Min, and sowing the incorporeal seeds of her thousand-petal lotus. Lotus seeds may take two hundred years to grow.

I see divine infants on miniature thousand-petal lotus thrones of Guan Min… Thousands of souls bearing the mark of immaculacy on their foreheads!

O, ring out, bell: drown out any other voices, and awaken the bodhisattva within a person! For anyone who hears the bell of Guan Min, there can be no evil, falsehood, mafia, lust, or thirst for blood, and so on…

“Awake from your thousand-year profound sleep, so that you do not die in your sleep!” Guan Min says today. “The time is upon us when only I can help you: the most holy Divine Mother, sitting on the lotus throne.”

The world is on the verge of a great transformation and is ready to accept Guan Min and enter into the Golden age. Humanity must reject the priorities of evil, the rationalism, UFO’s, cannibalism, vampirism, falsehood, archness, materialism, lust, murder, predatoriness, the domination of the strong, superhumans.

Away, diabolical chimeras! Inhabitant of the big city, rub your eyes. Wash yourself and wipe away the dirt of the city, which is eating into your pores. Do not take your eyes off Guan Min, and she shall awaken the potential buddha and bodhisattva within you.


I have been sent to you in order to vanquish the evil of this world.

O great, almost incurable affliction!

Evil will be gone when the lotus throne of the Immaculate Conception is spread, and when thousands of souls bearing the mark of immaculacy on their foreheads enter the world: into them I have breathed my kindness which is not of this world.

The civilization of Kind people is setting in. Evil shall disappear, along with those who harbour it. The more cruel the masters of world evil have been in recent times, the more severe the essentially catastrophic fate which awaits them and the faster their ranks will be reduced.

Do not look for other names for Me among the women’s names in the Divine Mother’s pantheon. Guan Min is a new divinity, revealed for the first time in this aeon of civilization.

May Guan Min shine in glory upon thousands of worlds!

I am with you since my love for you, such as you are, is stronger than that which is in heaven.

My ever-virginal gaze sees you as potential bodhisattvas, erasing the dark outlines of adaptive remodelling. Today I am not holding a jug of eternal milk in my hands, but the sceptre which erases the old modelling. You need only to have patience, a hundred percent dedication to me, attentiveness to the word of Guan Min, and to follow her seals.

Some will experience indescribable bliss. Others will find it difficult… I will pour my special maternal love upon those who are most in need. Peace be with my beloved children.

In less than a quarter of a century, the Earth shall be covered with my fine, thrice-solar bodhisattvas. The contemporary civilization will vanish without trace. The generation which follows you will not even want to hear about it, waving it aside, as if it was the evil past and they wanted nothing to do with it.

Glory to my dear children, now leading the righteous humanity of the Earth behind them!

(The extract from the book Guan Min and the Divine Mother. The theogammas of bogomilism, 2012/II’ by John Bogomil).